Catering Information


Room will hold 40 People comfortably seated

$250 for just the room w/o food for any 2 hour block of time. If food is ordered then the room. fee is deducted by the food expense. Any food order not meeting the $250 reservation fee will incur the difference to make the $250 reservation.

Management reserves the right to refuse any reservation for any party that presents with a different platform than discussed.

Final head counts are required by no later than the Saturday prior to the event week. If additional time is needed, please communicate with the coordinator ahead of the deadline.


Decorations are the responsibility of the party host and must not puncture the walls, tear the wallpaper, or have excessive glitter that can cling to the carpet.

Candles that are lit cannot be left open and must be in a fire safe container such as glass or metal.

Removal of party added décor is the responsibility of the party host. Cuba Bakery will charge an additional clean up fee of $50/hr if we have to take them down.

Catering Menu & Party Reservations

$65, Medium feeds 40 - $55, Small will feed 20 - $35

Additional veggies can be added for $.50/headcount

Additional proteins can be added for $1.50/head count

Dinner Roll sandwich trays are $2,50 / sandwich. Beef proteins add .25 each. This includes the roll, 1 meat, and 1 cheese/ sandwich, you can select a variety of meat and cheese combinations with a max of 5 variations

Meat & Cheese Trays are dependent on the selection. Approximate calculation is .15 lbs per guest at an average of $6.75/1b for each meat and 1 slice of cheese/person. Toppings/ condiments tray is $15 for small serves approx. 25pI, $25 for medium serves approx. 40pI. and $30 for large and serves approx. 60pI. Mayo and mustard packets included

Pinwheels - Can make with spinach and tortilla wraps, any selection of deli meats, cream cheese and ranch with peppers or pickles - $8.50/dz

Crudité tray (veggies) with cheese ball dip or ranch dressing - Approximate servings are Large feeds 30 - $45, Medium feeds 20 - $35 & Small feeds 10 - $20.00, vegetable varieties are: Broccoli, Red/ Yellow Peppers, Baby Carrots, Cherry Tomato, Celery stk

Fruit Trays - with chocolate chip cheese ball dip -Approximate servings are Large feeds 30 - $65, Medium feeds 20 - $45 & Small feeds 10 - $35.00. Fruit varieties are: Red/Green grapes, orange wdg., bananas, apples, strawberries, and seasonal berries.

Hot Entree Options

All hot entrée choices include dinner rolls for the number of people served.

Roasted Chicken quarters with candied carrots and parsley buttered potatoes - $15/ person

Maple & Orange glazed pork chops (bone in center cut) with stuffing and asparagus - $15/ person

Roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes gravy and green beans -$18.50/person

House Salads

Large Salad with 6 veggie toppings, 1 protein option, and 2 dressing options will feed 50

Additional dressings can be added for $6 each.


1 crock will feed approx. 15 people in 16oz containers, 25 in 12oz containers. - $52

Soup selections are: Pasta Faigioli, Chicken Noodle, White Chicken Chili, Chicken Taco,

Minestrone, Broccoli Cheddar, Cheesy Potato, Tomato, French Onion (add 10.00 for the swiss cheese and croutons toppings)


House Made Teas & Lemonades - $15/jar

Bottled Waters - $1.25 each

Bottled Sodas - $2.25 each

Canned sodas - $1.30 each

Bottled Juice- $1.75 each

Coffee- Each Caraf is $10 and serves 7 - 12oz cups. Flavors are: House Blend, Breakfast Blend.

Cookie Trays

$15/Dozen plus cost of tray -L $4.99, M $3.99, S $2.99.

Flavors available are: Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Crinkle, Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal Raisin, Molasses, Peanut Butter, and Sugar cookies. Extra charge of $3/dz for Reeces or Monster Cookies.

*We can make any of our cookies in Gluten Free options