A bakery is a busy place. 

It’s a place where there’s always food being made and sampled and packaged. Chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins, and cinnamon rolls, to name a few. But one of the best baked goods is the bread.

It’s perfect for an afternoon snack or a side with dinner. Homemade bread has a special taste; a warm, wholesome goodness that can’t be replaced. It reminds me of my mom’s kitchen, where she baked 6 loaves of bread a week (6 loaves fit exactly into our oven) for our family of 9. She would take the steaming loaves out of the oven, spread fragrant butter over the tops of each, and set them on the counter to cool. When she got out her bread knife to start slicing them, my siblings and I would line up, waiting for the heels of fresh bread. We’d spread them with butter, and sometimes honey. The honey always ran toward the edges of the bread, and we’d frantically eat before our hands became sticky little paws. They did anyway, but it was worth it.

The bread we make has the same homemade taste; the same freshness. It’s mixed early in the morning, in time to be baked for the first of our customers. There’s variety; sourdough, honey oat, white, and wheat. We also make homemade gluten-free bread and cheese bread.

I love the bakery. The good smells of things baking; the discussions we have while we work. it’s warm; it’s busy; and there’s fresh bread.

If you haven’t yet, come try it out.